air motion™: portable ventilation and exhaust fan system that removes and cleans air contaminants, including smoke, dust, and fumes  
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Air Motion™ Applications

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Portable, Rugged and Reliable

Model # AM1212

Unique multifunctional compact portable exhaust system for ventilating, fume exhausting, cooling and drying applications


Effectively cools and ventilates confined areas. It can be used for the extraction of polluted air and fumes from work areas, aeration of workshops, extraction of dusty air, or anywhere where a large amount of air movement is required at low cost.


  • High capacity of 1,100 CFM with maximum air temperatures of 140°F
  • Slider panel attachments for tight seal
  • Hose Kit accessories optional for hard to reach areas
  • Incorporates the Paint Pockets® filter with its unique design to capture up to five times more deposits than any other filter. It protects your blower from foreign matter.
  • Rubber foot pads protect hard surfaces and creates a non-skid surface
  • Lock into window securely
  • Easy installation

    Portable exhaust fan works in small places

    The Air Motion portable exhaust fan does its job very well in small places. Most other systems won't even reach a tight work area.

    Portable exhaust fan works well in large areas

    The Air Motion portable exhaust fan is an essential tool when gutting out a room because it enables you to completely control a messy and very dusty situation, which your customers will love. You will spend less time and labor cleaning up, and your investment will pay for itself with just a few jobs. Customer satisfaction will be a nice return also.

    Air Motion portable exhaust fan being used during electrostatic refinishing of bathroom stalls

    For electrostatic painting, the Air Motion portable exhaust fan is also essential for controlling overspray and reducing the fatigue that is caused by solvent inhalation. The overall effect is higher production and fewer accidents.

    Notice that the filter catches the overspray before it hits the exhaust tubing

    Notice that the filter catches the overspray before it hits the exhaust tubing.

    Notice the clean tubing showing no exhaust overspray

    Notice the clean tubing showing no exhaust overspray.

Made in USA
US Patent Nos. 6,953,491; 6.559,341; 6,440,190

The Air Motion™ portable exhaust system is a practical solution for providing dust, smoke, and fume removal in areas where conventional systems cannot reach.

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