air motion™: portable ventilation and exhaust fan system that removes and cleans air contaminants, including smoke, dust, and fumes  
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The Paint Project, Inc.

The Paint Project is a family-owned New England business that has been providing spray equipment and systems to the industry worldwide for 21 years.


Midwest Chemicals, manufacturers of coatings for Bathtub Refinishing, Countertop Refinishing, Tile Refinsihing, Concrete Staining, and Truck Bed Liner industries.

Midwest Chemicals develops coating for all types of industries, specializing in bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing, concrete staining, truck bed liner coatings, and non slip coatings. They carry a host of different finishing, coatings and primers for the professional bathtub refinisher. They also carry stains and flex finishes for the professional countertop refinisher. Their truck bed liner and non-slip coatings are the number one used coating in todays industry. They have also developed waterbase stains with the power of Silanes for concrete staining and the cement staining industry. Please go through their Web site and research all the possibilities their coatings have to offer.


Midwest Chemicals
6425 Pinecastle Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32809

For bathtub refinishing, bathtub reglazing, and professional bathtub cleaning in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut, contact Bathtub Rx ™ LLC at 203-984-3931, or visit them at:

Bathtub Rx, LLC
"The economical way to remodel your bathroom!"

Your Source for Safety, Health & Environmental Solutions

ISHN is a business-to-business monthly trade publication targeted at [over 71,000] key safety, health and hygiene buying influencers at manufacturing facilities of all sizes. This publication is designed for the busy professionals with early mail dates and short articles backed by dynamite graphics. [They] pack each issue with vital editorial on OSHA and EPA regulations, how-to features, safety and health management topics, and the latest product news. [Their] safety and health managers at high-hazard worksites in manufacturing, construction, health facilities, and service industries know they will learn something new each and every month.


2401 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 700, Troy, MI 48084


PWC, Painting and Wallcovering Contractor
PWC is an independent journal published eight times a year by Technology Publishing/PaintSquare of Pittsburgh, Pa. PWC features in-depth articles and regular columns on a wide variety of industry issues, including market trends and opportunities, legislation and regulation, safety, technology, environmental issues, new products, coatings, wallcoverings, news, techniques and trends. PWC is committed to contractor success. [Their] mission is to provide the information, expertise and analysis contractors need to keep up with developments in the field, serve customers more effectively, grow their business, and increase their profits.


Technology Publishing/PaintSquare
2100 Wharton Street, Suite 310
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1951

1-800-837-8303 or (412) 431-8300
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Jobsite Magazine, Painting & Drywall Products
Jobsite Magazine - Tools and Materials for the Painting & Wallcovering Professional understands that professional contractors don't want to wade through a bunch of "how-to" editorial to get the information they need to keep current on the tools, materials, and technology that will help them do their job faster and with greater profitability. (You already know how to do your job - you don't need someone else telling you how to do it.) That's why we present what's new, what's popular, and what will make you a more successful Painting and Wallcovering industry pro. Each full-color, tabloid page offers tools, materials, accessories, and services that you can use to earn a living. By means of a Reader Service/Subscription card you can also receive more literature and information about a product direct from the manufacturer. Jobsite is here to serve you, and we want our magazine to be as invaluable a tool as any in your toolbox.


Fine Finish Shop
An expert refinishing shop near Boston Massachusetts that provides electrostatic painting, liquid and powder coating, and bathtub refinishing services..

Telephone: 617-354-1500


With more than 20 years of experience, Stearns Painting
provides professional painting, flooring and finishing
services for residential and commercial customers.


Telephone: 781-438-8838

From Gary Spence, 275 Broadway LLC: "The recent tubs that you've done at our properties look fantastic, and we are very impresed with your exhaust system. There were no lingering odors anywhere in the building."

From Fred Doucette, Measure Twice: "As a general contractor I perform many residential remodeling jobs and, as a result, I create a lot of dust. I carry at least two fans, many times three, and I strategically place them to contain the most dust. Air Motion creates enough positive pressure in the area that I'm working in so as to pull the dust out whatever window I place it in. It's the only fan I carry now."

From Scott Weeks, Weeks and Sons Painting Contractors: "I have been painting for 30 years, and there have been many times when we were in very tight quarters or had no way to vent or get fresh air. Air Motion works! We sprayed some toilet partitions in a bathroom at an office space, and it made the working environment workable, with no clouds of over spray. Thanks again."

From Mike Palazzo, Project Manager, Mirak Properties: "We had a project to gut 5 units within a complex. Air Motion was invaluable in it's ability to remove dust from a particular work space. The size and design enabled the unit to sit very securely within the window. With the hose attachment, it was nice not having to continuously move the fan around, but only locating the hose to the area being gutted. Air Motion saved many man hours without having to clean up surrounding areas that where not being renovated. And the fan unit provided an additional level of safety to the workers and the public. Filtering of the discharge air prevented any harmful particles from affecting any passersby."

From John Fraser Painting: "I am very impressed with the performance of Air Motion. The overspray and fumes were evacuated immediately from the work area. This is a must have tool for all painting requirements."

From Eric Lavoie, Thermo-Save: "Even though we thought the cost of the unit was a little high, we actually saved over $800, by moving faster without the air supply mask and without changing to a cartrige mask. There is no more tripping, binding or kinking of the air line. The job site air was cleaner for the homeowner and the next day for the tradesmen. We just purchased our 3rd Air Motion unit. Thanks, Air Motion."

From Glenn Peterson, Sequoia Builders, Inc.: "Amazing!!! I am a general contractor, and remodeling is a big part of my business. I used to use two or three residential window fans, and I still had a lot of dust to clean up! Now, with one Air Motion unit, there is virtually no clean-up!! This unit paid for itself after the first two jobs in saved clean-up time. The best thing is my customers' satisfaction with the clean jobsite. As a business owner, their satisfaction is the most important thing!"

Made in USA
US Patent Nos. 6,953,491; 6.559,341; 6,440,190

The Air Motion™ portable exhaust system is a practical solution for providing dust, smoke, and fume removal in areas where conventional systems cannot reach.

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