air motion™: portable ventilation and exhaust fan system that removes and cleans air contaminants, including smoke, dust, and fumes  
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Air Motion™ Specifications

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Dynamically Balanced AC Motor

Standard features including die-cast aluminum end-bells, sturdy ball-bearing construction, tough, all-aluminum frame and the powder coating paint system make this motor tough and durable. Inside the frame, our innovative cooling channels eliminate lint, dust and other debris build-up in the fins. The TENV (totally enclosed, non-vented) design is provided in a single-phase configuration. The motors Class "F" insulation allows it to withstand temperatures higher than Class "B" ratings in intermittent applications.
Description: 115v / 60 Hz / 0.136 hp / 3400 rpm
Rating: Torque 4.3 lb-in / Current 2.56 amps / Output 175 watts

High Efficiency Axial Impeller

Extensive development and testing have resulted in impellers that have a performing efficiency at least equal to and, in most cases, better than any known competitor. Efficiencies of the order of 80% have considerably benefited users in terms of power conservation. Air Motion™'s application has gained advantage through the use of a smaller powered motor than had previously been used for the same output.

Dimensions: 12"(h) X 12"(w) X 10"(d); with filter attachment, add 2" to depth; with handle, add 1 1/2" to height; with flange (window locking mechanism), add 1/2" to height

High Strength Material

Fan hubs and clamp plates are cast from LMZ aluminum alloy.

Blade Material

Glass Reinforced Nylon 66 has greater strength and high temperature capabilities, -40°F to 302°F of non-radiant heat. Higher speeds are acceptable for standard impellers when GRN blades are fitted.


Specifications: Duty Volume 1200 cfm / Static Pressure 0.3 inwg / Dynamic pressure 0.17 inwg
Impeller Data: Qty. 5 Blades / Diameter 11.5 in. / Speed 3360 rpm / Peak Power 0.23 hp
Impeller Construction: Glass Reinforced Nylon / Hub Data: Type 110

The fan is one of the most efficient and versatile fans for virtually any air movement application. It has been designed and tested to provide an optimum airflow.

Made in USA
US Patent Nos. 6,953,491; 6,599,341; 6,440,190

The Air Motion™ portable exhaust system is a practical solution for providing dust, smoke, and fume removal in areas where conventional systems cannot reach.

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